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Themes of the Qur'an

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Paperback 272 Pages
Sabiha Saleem
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Dr. Sabiha Saleem's work here has been to extract certain themes which have always been understood by knowledgeable Muslims as key themes of the revelation, although for the readers new to the Quran and reading it for the first time, they are often not immediately aware of the significance of the repeated and yet subtly varied statements that thread their ways through the text. >Thus although it is now almost universally known even to non-Muslims that establishment of the prayer is one of the essential five pillars of Islam, it is not at all well known -- sometimes even to contemporary Muslims -- that the life-transaction of Muslims itself comprises not just Islam, but also Iman and Ihsan, nor in what they comprise. >Thus this book will, in particular, introduce the person new to the Qur'an to some -- not necessarily all -- of the key themes of the revelation in a systematic way, and hopefully lead them to read the entire Quran as it is meant to be read, from beginning to end and back to the beginning again.