The misinterpretation of tasawwuf

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Theoretically, the cultivation of Ihsan, popularly known as Tasawwuf, has been the domian of spiritual adepts who would facilitate aspring Muslims to imbibe the most profound values of Islam. It has been the meeting ground of Muslims from all sections of the society in order that it could provide enlightenment to the individual, and promote non-sectarian values in the community affairs.

However, it`s open-minded approach has often been the cause of its own disgrace. Unsuspicious as its modus operandi was, it has allowed counterfeit experts to enter the fold, and have a field day in corrupting the higher pursuits of Islam, as well as its basic doctrines and prastices. Consequently, in the eyes of the ordinary Muslim, it not only lost its appeal as a sacred institution, it came to be regarded as yet another sect-the very anti-thesis of its original holy agenda.

This book has attempted to identify some of those intruders, and analyze the way in which they have been instrumental in misinterpreting the substance and role of Tasawwuf. To wit, these pretenders have thereby succeeded in creating more chaos in the religious culture of the common Muslims on the one hand, and on the other, in disaffecting the Ulama and Mashaikh in their role as leaders of Muslims.

The skeptics say that perhaps the time has come when the original sanctity and purpose of Tasawwuf cannot be restored anymore. Be that as it may, the task of salvaging the common Muslims from sectarian divides remains an imperative. The reader is therefore invited to ponder on this issue, and endevour to spot all the mischief that are responsible for the disarray of Muslims.

As a student of Islam, the writer has made a humble attempt to collect the material presented here for more informed Muslims to come on board, and further develope on this theme. Wallahul Musta`an! Allah is the Source of help!