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The Lord: The Qur'an, Universe and Evolution

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Paperback , 161 pages, 15 x 20 cm
Mohammed Ilyas
The Qurئan is not a وbook of scienceئ but a وbook of guidanceئ and our belief in Allah, the Lord, is not dependant upon finding explanations for scientific things in the Qurئan. Yet it is amazing and indeed can be helpful in understanding the Lord of the Universe through His Word by finding scientific things in the Qurئan, revealed 15 centuries ago. The material contained in this volume is particularly appealing with a thrust on the Lordئs Creation both on macro scale and micro-scale. In brief, this book, based on a series of articles written by a group of specialists, provides a lucid reading on what the Lord has to say about the Creation of the Universe and the Man. This volume would make an interesting and useful reading.ِ