Sukkary Rutab Dates 1 Kg

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Amal Al Khair
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Sukkari Tamr (تمر سكري) is a semi-soft variety of pressed dates in pack (Tamor semi-soft) from Saudi Arabia.

The Rutab date is extra soft and sweet. This is by far the best stage to pick a date (7-8weken after the Khalal stage). Gold of color and very soft with a sweet caramel flavor, just melt in your mouth! The perfect alternative to sweet delicacies. The texture and taste profile of the Rutab stage is not too soft, semi-dry and soft texture with a flavorful caramel (Medjools) flavor. The moisture content of this date at the Rotab stage is 35%-40%. This is the variety that is often consumed with traditional Arabian coffee. Full of nutrients, like every date, it contains 70% of natural energy-rich sugars. This breed of dates is best kept and consumed directly from the refrigerator.

Production date: 04/01/2020