Stories of Sirah (set of 11 books)

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Paperback 11 books 220 pages
Abidullah Ghazi & Tanseema K. Ghazi
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This 11- short volume set about stories from the life of the Prophet Mohammed comes in a beautiful slipcase and explanations of selected Haddith that are included in the rest of the book where will provide many hours of reading for the whole family. There are lessons to be learned from each of these engaging short stories related to the life of the Prophet. It begins with the time prior to the Prophet's birth and shares various aspects of his life and character: from his kindness towards children to his behavior with his family and more. It also shares the stories of a number of the Sahabah. The author has taken great care to select only the Sahih Haddith with themes that young children can relate to. We hope that teachers and children will enjoy and benefit from this long awaited anthology. Stories are a wonderful and engaging way to share Islamic history with young people and this set is a very good example of this. Stories of the Sirah make the ideal gift for the young bookworm in your family.