Searching for Solace (A Biography of Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

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Paperback, 314 pages
M.A. Sherif
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This biography is the first detailed account of the life and ideas of a leading Muslim of his day who represented British India on the world stage. Yusuf Ali came to prominence in the Great War (WWI) for his outspoken support of the Indian contribution to the Allied effort, and in the decades to follow established a reputation within India and internationally as an educationalist. Sir Muhammed Iqbal sought him out as a principal of Islamia College, Lahore. Yusuf Ali is most famous in the English-speaking Muslim world for a major work of 20th century Islamic scholarship -- his The Holy Qur'an: Text, Translation and Commentary, published in 1934. This book is of special interest to Muslims originating from the subcontinent (e.g. India, Pakistan), where most of the book takes place.