Punishment of Apostasy in Islam

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Paperback, 184 pages
S A Rahman, with a foreword by Chandra Muzaffar
The punishment for apostasy remains one of the most contentious issues in Islam. It has been discussed and debated for centuries by both Muslim and non-Muslim scholars. In recent decades the issue has assumed even greater significance than before largely because of the impact of human rights and freedom of religion; religious heterogeneity vis-س-vis Muslims; Islamic resurgence with its emphasis upon Islamic law; and post 9/11 scrutiny of Islam and Muslims. This work by the late Chief Justice of Pakistan examines each and every aspect of Islamic jurisprudence connected with the question of apostasy in a detailed manner. Probing into the Qur'an and Sunnah of the Prophet, his approach is analytical and scientific which is why it is so intellectually persuasive.