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The True Message of Jesus Christ

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The True Message of Jesus Christ Jesus Christ. The Son of God, The Prophet of Allah, Mary's Son. All of these claims just have you say, "WHO IS JESUS?!" Not only that, but they also confuse the message of him as well. When he is the son of God, then he had ought to have a different revelation than a prophet of God's, correct?

The book that you are reading a description of at the moment is one with an objective and analytical study of the message of Jesus Christ, based on both Biblical and Quranic verses! So you don't only get an opinion from our religion, but from the religion which Jesus plays a very important role! Isn't that exciting?

The author delves into the scriptures and presents convincing points which are supported by references from major Western scholarly texts.

This book guides the reader through a process of questioning, rethinking, and drawing logical conclusions based on solid facts. The open-minded reader will not put this book down without his heart, mind, and soul being profoundly affected by the book's compelling content!

"A precise, yet scholarly and comprehensive analysis of the personality of Jesus Christ, his mission, and his message... A must-read for every Christian and Muslim." -Amjad Khan, Production Editor, Doha, Qatar