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The Admonition in Dead People Cases and Hereafter Affairs

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Said the poor slave in relation to his lord, who is hoping to be free from his sins to be able to get Allahمs mercy, Mohammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Abuمbakr Ibn Farah Alمandalusi, and then AlمQurtobi, may Allah pardon him, his parents, and all of the Muslims: Praise be to Allah, the most glorious and almighty, who created all beings and doomed them to die and perish in order to be resurrected and sent to the house of judgment, according to Allahمs saying: ¶Verily the Hour is coming ¹ My design is keep it hidden - for every soul to receive its reward by measure of its Endeavor.÷ (Taha 15) Allah said also: ¶Verily he who comes to his Lord as a sinner (at Judgment), for him is Hell: therein shall he neither die nor live. But such as come to Him as Believers who have worked righteous deeds, for them are ranks exalted, Gardens of Eternity, beneath which flow rivers; they will dwell therein for aye; such is the reward of those who purify themselves (from evil)÷ (Taha 74:76)

Then I thought it is better, to write a brief book to be as an admonition to myself, and a good word after my death, in which I talk about death, and the dead people cases, in addition to resurrection, Garden and Hell. Some words also are said of the seditions and the Day of Judgmentمs signs. This book is rendered from those Imams and the confidential Muslim scholars. You will see yourself that every thing is attributed to its authentic composer or compiler. It is called ¶The Admonition in Dead People Cases and Hereafter Affairs.÷ It is classified into many sections, attached to each of which there are some chapters to explain the odd and problematic traditions and jurisprudence questions. In this way, the book will be much more completely advantageous, because knowing The Messenger of Allahمs traditions is most important aim, particularly on the Day of Judgment. May Allah make it only for his sake, because there is no God to be worshiped or praised but he Almighty.