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Noble Quran with Arabic Tafsir Jalalain & Electronics/Digital Qur'an & Recitation Recitor


Noble Quran with Arabic Tafsir Jalalain & Electronics/Digital Qur'an Recitor

Recitation in the voice of Shaykh Mohammad Siddeeq Al-Menshawi

This revolutionary new product by Darussalam allows you to interactively listen to The Noble Quran and study its meanings. Utilize it to memorize the Quran or correct your pronunciations by recording your own voice and listening to it for any mistakes. Hear an Ayah and then read the corresponding Tafsir from Tafsir Jalalain in Arabic from the left side of the page.

How to use:

  1. Open the Noble Quran to the particular page you want to study.
  2. Turn on the Unit from the ON/OFF button.
  3. Press the PAGE button
  4. Enter the page # using the number pad. For numbers under 100 you must enter '0' before it. For example enter '035' for page 35.
  5. Then press the Play button to hear the whole Arabic page.
  6. You can use the forward/backward buttons to go ahead/behind one page or ayah.

In addition to navigating by Page numbers you can also navigate by Surah and Verse numbers. You can listen to specific range of verses as well.

Detailed instructions & other features can be read on the instructions page found in the unit (can also be seen from the link below).

Arabic Tafsir Jalalain with Electronics/Digital Qur'an Recitor
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