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Learning About Islam (for Kids) (PB)


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This book has been especially prepared by Goodword books for the school children in order to educate and teach them the basic tenets and knowledge of Islam that a Muslim child should know.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the knowledge in this book is authentic and sound according to the Quran and sunnah of the Prophet.

Full colour booklet, great for kids, explaning different fundamentals of Islam. Include such topics as :

-In the Beginning
-The First Man and Woman
-Allah's Best Friend
-We Believe in Angels
-Belief in the Prophets
-How the Quran Came to Us
-The Handwriting of the Quran
-The Pillars of Faith
-The Prayer to Allah, the Merciful
-Let's Make a Visit to the Mosque
-Belief in One God
-The Throne of the Merciful
-The Holy Kabah
-What is a Muslim Prayer Like?

And much more. This book was specially prepared by the schoolchildren who visited the "Islamic Experience Exhibition", organized by IPCI, Birmingham.