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iQibla for todays ' Muslim on the go'

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Salat Times

Once the GPS has your location locked, not only will it find you the Qibla but will also give you accurate prayer times. iQibla displays each prayer time in turn including the time of sunrise.

Five minutes before each prayer is due iQibla will discretely alert you by flashing the backlit screen.

Select juristic,
Hanafi Shafi Hanbali Maliki

Set calculation methods,
Muslim World Leaque
Umm Al-Qura University
Islamic Society of North America
University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi
Egyptian General Authority of Survey


Location Finder

iQibla allows you to mark and relocate upto five postions anywhere on earth.

This is handy when trying to find your way back to your hotel whilst on Hajj or Umrah. During Hajj most people/groups get separated from one anoher. This feature is perfect to use to reunite with fellow pilgrims. Set your position, then after performing your rituals let the iQibla guide you back.

For the more advanced traveller the iQibla can be used as a 250,000 point Travel / Trip Recorder. Geo-tag photos to share with friends
Display traveled routes on Google Map and more...



Using latest GPS technology, iQibla works globally, under all weather condition, 24/7. It is an indispensable tool for 'Today's Muslim On The Go'

High quality, modern design and easy to use. The small key chain size makes it easy to carry around. No bulky device to keep in your pocket. No complicated set-up or software downloads required.

Low power consumption
Light weight 42g
Small size 73mm L x 35mm x 17mm H

Don't leave home without your iQibla!


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It may take some time to download. Install PDF Reader (free) if it doesn't open.