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Hajj Belt (Gray and White)

This high quality Hajj Belt is made of canvas in Beige/Camel Colour. Ihram belt & pouch to keep your money & belongings secure also helps to keep the Ihram garment in place. It has total 7 Waterproof Pockets (6 Zipper/wellcrow pockets at the front) with 1 long zipper pockets at the back/inside for extra safety purposes.

It has strong adjustable strap, ONE SIZE FITS ALL fits anyone upto waist size 48. It is very convenient to have a hajj belt, as a bag would be a hassle to carry around during pilgrimage Hajj/Umrah.

  • Ahram belts for Haj & Umrah

  • Made of high quality nylon canvas with anti slip webbing
  • 7 Waterproof Pockets with Zipper & Wellcrow
  • Adjustable belt length to fit upto waist 48
  • Holds Ihram garment from slipping
  • Helps to keep money, passports and travel papers & valuables safe.