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Excellence of the Holy Qur'an by late Haji Rahim Bakhsh, presents a comparative study of Islam with respect to the other existing religions of the world. He researched and reported the basic principles of the religions with great revernce. He also responded to the objections raised by the mon-Muslim critics about Oneness of God, Finality of Divine revelations to mankind and the institution of messengership on the Holy prophet, Muhammad (m.p.b.h). Their criticism is totally based on the misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the Qur'anic Scripture.The contents of the other religious books have so altered that the original text is almost lost whereas the Qur'anic scriptures have been unaltered not even a single vowel is changed, ever since they were revealed to the Holy prophet (m.p.b.h.).The author has aptly explained the principles of Jihad. It means the struggle to suppress the evil and to promote 'good' , within as well as without oneself. It does not deprive people of their freedom nor it means to acquire wealth.The Holy prophet (m.p.b.h.).boom as an orphan, lived a life of hardship. He died at the age of sixty three on 12 Rabi-al-Awwal 10 A.H.(632 C.E.), as a penniless man because he had complete Tawakkal-a-Allah,
Further, this book shows the Qur'anic truths in face of th scientific postulates which are, themselves, everchanging. It reasons out some natural phenomena as compatible with the statements of the Qur'anic Scriptures. The Holy Qur'an contains treasures of wisdom, wealth, success and sovereignty for all the readers. The Excellence of the Qur'an has been translated in English in order to promote the understanding of Islam by all, especially the non-Muslims in the west, because the God, Almighty, the Holy prophet (m.p.b.h.). And the Holy Qur'an are for all, from eternity to eternity.