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Atlas SD9200si Electronic Dictionary

نظرة عامة SD9200si

يحتوي على عدد من القواميس المتكاملة واستعمالات اللغة، إلى جانب 15 قاموساً متخصصاً في جميع المجالات لتلبي احتياجات أي مستخدم.

كما أنه يحوي موسوعة "بريتانيكا" المختصرة والغنية بمعلومات عامة تغطي فروع المعرفة الإنسانية المتنوعة.

وتجدر الإشارة إلى توفر البحث الشامل في الجهاز الذي يقوم بالبحث عن الكلمة التي تريدها في جميع القواميس الموجودة فيه.

سعة تخزينية كبيرة تصل لغاية 2.50 جيجا بايت يمكن زيادتها عن طريق إضافة وحدات ذاكرة SD الأوسع انتشاراً و SDHC لغاية 4 جيجابايت لحفظ ملفات المستخدم من صور ومقاطع وأفلام فيديو.

شاشة لمس عريضة عالية التقنية 272 *480 قياس 4.3 إنش TFT.


  • S09200si contains integrated dictionaries in addition to language usages. Moreover, it contains 15 specialized dictionaries in various fields to meet all the needs of 509200si user.
  • It also contains the "Concise Britannica Encyclopedia" that gives general information related to various fields of human knowledge.
  • The cross search is also available in this device; as you can search for the word you want in all the dictionaries in the device.

  • Dictionaries

    • "Collins Co-build Advanced Learner's English Dictionary" new digital edition 2004© HarperCollins Publishers 2004 "Collins" & "Collins Co-build" are trademarks of HarperCollins
    • Atlas Modern Dictionary English-Arabic (Encyclopedic) ©; Copyright© by Atlas Global
    • Center for Studies & Research (Amman/ Jordan) (2008)
    • Atlas Specialized Dictionaries© prepared by Atlas Global Center for Studies and Research. All rights reserved to owners©
    • Computer, Internet and IT Dictionary
    • Engineering Dictionaries
    • Specialized Dictionaries


    • Dictionaries: Contain 3 complete Dictionaries & Language usages.

    • Specialized Dictionaries: Contain many Dictionaries which are specialized in computer, engineering, sports, law, etc.
    • English Language: Contains Vocabulary, dialogue, 12 Languages dialogue, etc.
    • Teach Yourself English: Contains English Communication Skills, English Phonetics, and Naturalistic Learning method.
    • English Grammar: Contains English grammatical rules, tests and common mistakes in grammar.
    • Arabic Grammar: Contains Arabic grammatical rules and test.
    • Reading and Writing: Contains Writing notes, reading notes, punctuation marks and many more.
    • Encyclopedia: Contains various kinds of information and tests to examine knowledge.
    • Quizzes: Contain different types of quizzes in different fields of English language.
    • Calculations: Contain Different types of Calculators and other calculation applications.
    • Organizer: Contains Telephone, memo, schedule, PC Synchronization, etc.
    • Multimedia: Contains many applications to help you to run different multimedia files.
    • Miscellaneous: Contains Date, Time and City, Daily Alarm, Prayer Times, System setup, etc.
    • Games: Contain various types of interesting games.
    • Download: Allows you to download many applications.

    • An advanced electronic dictionary talks in Arabic and English.
    • Atlas Modern Dictionary (English-Arabic) (Encyclopedic) 2008 with thousands of new words.
    • Atlas Modern Dictionary (Arabic-English) 2009 includes Arabic words and phrases with their Arabic and English explanations.
    • "Collins Co-build Dictionaries" distinguished by their dear meanings and extra information.
    • Animated dictionary displays explanation of words with illustrations.
    • Global search is usually fixed in the device screen and searches for a desired word in all available dictionaries. Several artifact talking engines in English and Arabic languages make this device unique.
    • 15 Specialized dictionaries covering several topics of various fields. Including new "Engineering Dictionaries" added to meet the urgent desire of learners' needs in this field such as: civil, architecture, electrical and many others; besides, a computer, internet and IT dictionary.
    • English Language: Contains irregular verbs, irregular plural nouns, phrasal verbs, irregular comparisons, synonyms, antonyms that make this device unique.
    • Teach Yourself English: Contains many subjects related to English language as: English phonetics, simple sentences and simple questions. English Grammar: A comprehensive course of English grammar helps you in preparing for the "TOEFL" exam.
    • Arabic Grammar: Enables you to apply syntax rules in Arabic language and test your lingual information by answering Arabic grammar test.
    • Reading and Writing: Contains many subjects related to basics of reading and writing, writing research papers that lead the user to read and write better.
    • Encyclopedia: Contains Britannica Concise encyclopedia, in addition to different types of information and tests to examine your general information such as: chemical elements, information about universe, earth, Olympics and musical terms.
    • Quizzes: Different kind of quizzes such as vocabulary, irregular verbs, irregular plurals and many others that enable the user to test his language info. In addition to translating sentences test, comprehensive reading test and English grammar worksheets quiz.
    • Calculations: Contains several kinds of calculators such as: scientific, engineering, scientific drawing, formula calculator, equation solving and many others.

    • Organizer: Saves private numbers and important notes. In addition to containing calendar, paint and the ability to link the device with the PC and transfer data from and in to it.
    • Miscellaneous: Contains many useful applications such as: date and time, local city, daily alarm, prayer times, prayer alarm, Qibla, Azan, travel guide, data management and files management.
    • Games: a lot of edutainment games.
    • A real human voice talks in both English and Arabic languages with the ability to set the speed and the frequency.

    Key Features
    • Multimedia: Includes MP3 player, video player, flash player, text reader, POF files reader, electronic book and recorder.
    • Huge memory embedded inside the device "2.50 Giga byte" along with the additional SD memory card and "SOHC" till "4 Giga byte" enable the user to store all kinds of data files such as pictures and movies.
    • True color interface application.
    • Wide hi-tech touch screen (480 * 272) (4.3) inch TFT.
    • Device Dimension: W 14 x H 8.5 x 01.5 cm.
    • Rechargeable Battery (Lithium Ion 3.7 V / 1050 mAh).
    • Adaptor: DC 5V - 700mA

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      قاموس أطلس الحديث عربي إنجليزي

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