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Arabic Between Your Hands level 1 Book 1 العريية بين يديك

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* The new editions do not come with a cd. It has been replaced with a QR code for digital access.

"Arabic Between Your Hands" Series (Second Version) “Arabic At Your Hands Series” is one program in a collection of programs called “Arabic For All”. This series comprises a developed version of the book “Arabic At Your Hands”, which introduces a comprehensive curriculum for teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers, students and teachers. This curriculum is developed for educational entities, including schools, institutes and universities. It begins from the basic level and continues with the students until they master Arabic language, which enables them to join university and continue their Arabic studies in various majors. The developed series is designed by the authors of the original series, who are an academic team specialized in teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers. Here is a brief introduction to the developed series: In its new version, the series consists of the following levels, books and materials: Textbooks divided into four levels as follows: 1. The beginner (basic) level, which consists of the first Student’s Books (1+2) and the Teacher’s Book (1) 2. The intermediate level, which consists of the second Student’s Books (1+2) and the Teacher’s Book (2) 3. The advanced level, which consists of the third Student’s Books (1+2) and the Teacher’s Book (3) 4. The special level, which consists of the fourth Student’s Books (1+2) and the Teacher’s Book (4) Arabic At Your Hands Dictionary (Illustrated Arabic/Arabic Dictionary). Arabic Letters Booklet (Preparatory book for teaching Arabic letters). Recorded Audio CDs, one for each of the Student’s eight Books. The Series Audience: The Series is designed for adult students. The Series Language: The series is based on classical Arabic, without using other intermediate languages. The series consists of 576 basic lessons divided as follows: The first level (book 1 and book 2): 144 basic lessons, in 16 units The second level (book 1 and book 2): 208 basic lessons, in 16 units. The third level (book 1 and book 2): 112 basic lessons, in 16 units. The fourth level (book 1 and book 2): 112 basic lessons, in 16 units. Total of basic lessons = 576 basic lessons + 24 lessons for tests = 600 lessons The Series Goals: The series aims at achieving the following competencies goals: 1. Language competency, including the following skills and elements: a) The four language skills: 1. Listening 2. Speaking 3. Reading 4. Writing (both automatic and creative) b) The three language elements: 1. Sounds (Different Phonetic Phenomena) 2. Vocabularies (Contextual and idiomatic expressions) 3. Grammar Structures (Good number of grammatical, morphological and dictating rules) 2. Communicative competency 3. Cultural competency Time required for teaching the series Total time expected to teach the series is 600 hours, divided according to each program and its weekly hours as follows: 24 weeks, in a program of 25 hours per week. 30 weeks, in a program of 20 hours per week. 40 weeks, in a program of 15 hours per week. 60 weeks, in a program of 10 hours per week. 75 weeks, in a program of 8 hours per week. 120 weeks, in a program of 5 hours per week. Features of the Series: 1. The latest series in teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers. 2. It is based on the latest methods and techniques in teaching foreign languages. 3. Exercises and Activates Books have been combined into the eight Students’ Books for practical reasons. 4. Considering the integration between the three language competencies: Linguistic, communicative and cultural. 5. Using a progressive approach and units-based system in introducing educational materials, along with using a specific number of vocabularies and structures in each unit. 6. The structure of the books and units are suitable for the levels introduced. 7. Sound and phonetic phenomena have been treated using new and different methods, along with a complete consistency with the relevant texts. 8. The series provides different types of tests in the beginning, middle and end of each level. 9. The series focuses on the teacher, allotting an independent teacher’s book for each level, which includes answers for tests, instructions, methods of teaching foreign languages and introducing skills and elements, which help the teacher achieves his goals easily and effectively. 10. Until now, the series has been approved by more than 1200 universities, institutes and schools around the world.