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Al-Mualim: The Teacher Advanced (Baba Salam 6+)


Al-Mualim - The Teacher (Advanced Version)

A New Way of Learning!

The Teacher Advanced is an upgraded version of 'Baba Salam 6 - The Teacher' with more features and better quality. It has the recitation
of the Complete Quran included in 5 booklets and only 1 cartridge. The recitation is done in the voice of the Imams of Haram Makkah, Shaykh
Abdur-Rahman As-Sudays & Shaykh Sa'ud Ash-Shuraim.

To operate, just place one of the booklets in to the unit, select the desired page from the control panel, point to the ayah you want to
hear with the digital pen and it will recite the complete verse. You can listen to the same verse repeatedly by pressing the repeat button on the control panel.
You can also listen to the whole page by point to 'Whole Page' oval on the bottom of the page.

To make this device affordable, we now offer the purchase of the unit seprate from the books. You now have multiple order configuration options from the
drop down menu above. You can also purchase books later on from the individual product pages (links in related items below).


  • Ability to Pause recitation with the PAUSE button
  • Listen to verses repeatedly with the REPEAT button
  • Ability to adjust volume with a scrolling button
  • Ability to change pages with a scrolling button or
    with the 3 separate digit buttons
  • Removable Touch Sensitive pen (may be replaced if
  • Complete Quran in Uthmani Script with Tafsir Jalalain (in Arabic)

  • Cartridges for more Recitors will also be available
    in the future. Insha-Allah.
  • Device can be used for many other books that will be
    available in the future. Insha-Allah.


  • Learn Pad 11x8.5x1.5" (Box size: 15x13x4")
  • Removable Touch Sensitive pen
  • 1 Cartridge with complete Quran
  • 5 Booklets with 6 Juz each
  • Headset
  • Power Adapter
  • 3 'AA' batteries
  • Black leather carry case with pockets to store
  • Strap to carry the case

Recommended Age: 7+

Teacher Advanced Version

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Note: Cartridges for 'Baba Salam 6 - The Teacher' are not compatible with this new Teacher Advanced Version.

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