Noorani Qa'idah Fathiyyah Book Only

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Paperback 35 Colour Pages, 30 X 21 cm
نور محمد حقاني وفتح محمد المدني ،الشيخان ترجمة , تحقيق: أسامة قا
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تعتمد القاعدة النورانية الفتحية على تهجئة الحروف بمخارجها الصحيحة، مع الحركة المشكولة فيها، وقد ألفها الشيخ نور محمد حقاني، رحمه الله
لذلك سميت بالنورية وقام بشرحها الشيخ فتح محمد المدني لذلك أطلق عليها اسم الفتحية نسبة له.

Mastering the art of Qur'anic recitation and rules of Tajweed is no easy task for any Muslim, particularly if Arabic is not his or her native language. This well-known program, a staple of Tajweed students for over 20 years, has been proven immensely successful throughout the world due to its incredibly proven effective and comprehensive methodology. Numerous prominent Qaris (reciters of the Holy Qur'an) have used this program with great success. Millions more have taken the lessons and learned how to read the Qur'an quickly and thoroughly. The ease in which the Tajweed rules are taught makes this the ideal method for any Muslim to learn how to read and recite the Qur'an in record time. What's more, you don’t need to know a word of Arabic in order to master this program, yet when you're finished with it, you will be able to read and recite the Qur'an from cover to cover.

What will you learn?
The most important thing you will take away from this program is a solid practical mastering of the rules of Tajweed, including makhaarij (the place the letter sounds exit from your mouth) that will enable you to read the Qur'an correctly on your own. In fact, many graduates of this program have been able to read the Qur'an correctly with precision and ease from cover to cover in six months or less. This program follows an easy gradient systematic system from beginner's level to intermediate to advanced. It starts with Arabic alphabet and small connected letters and harakat, short vowel, long vowels, words, then sukoon, then shaddah, sentences from the Qur'an, application of Tajweed, then that which need to be observed for Hafs. Each of the seventeen lessons is designed for simplicity and ease of assimilation and takes one hour or less to complete without ever burdening the student.