Minhaaj Al-Muslim - The A Pagesroach Of The Muslim (English Only)

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Paperback, 462 pages, English Only
Abo baker eljazaery, Tr. Ayman Muhammed
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A book outlining doctrins, ethics, morals, worship, and behaviors.

The author wrote this book, Minhaj Al-Muslim, at the request of the people of Wahdah', a city in Morocco. They desired such a book that included all of the necessary topics like correct belief, etiquette, manners, worship, business and transactions, etc. So the author compiled this book after the incessant struggle of about two years, may Allah reward him and increase his benefit to the True Religion. >We have prepared this work in two volumes in the English language due to the large amount of material that the book covers. We hope Allah will reward all of us for the benefit it may provide for the readers.