High Grade Unrefined Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml

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Traditionally the only edible oil that Allah Created from a Fruit.


- Body ointment that helps with many skin, muscles, joints and abdominal conditions.

- Drinking 20ml of EVOO first thing in morning has proven effects on the overall health and the digestive system specifically. The High Grade EVOO is charecterized by a burning feeling in the throat when consumed alone. 

- Cooking; traditionally cooking was only done with Olive Oil or Ghee; recently when processed oils became available at a much cheaper price; the world moved away from using Olive Oil for cooking most dishes.

- Deep Frying: contrary to many claims; it is a very health alternative to commercial cooking oils, but in order to maintain its benefits, it should be used in small quantities when frying foods so that it is practicallt all absirbed during the cooking.