Haleem and Kaleemئs Eid Gift

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Paperback 31pages
Fawzia Gilani-Williams
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Haleem & Kaleem are the laziest are of boys in the village. They never do any work. Upset and angry the villagers complain to the Imam who tells the boys they must go and seek their fortune. The brothers can see that nothing they say can change the minds of the Imam or villagers. With heavy hearts they leave and wonder what they could do to make the villagers feel better.

The brothers resolve to take Eid gifts, sadly every attempt fails through some misfortune. Heartbroken the brothers decide to go back to the village and bid everyone farewell. When they return they are shocked to hear that the villagers are sad. But tomorrow is Eid, why are they sad?ِ asked the brothers. An opportunity presents itself where Haleem and Kaleem may be able to give the villagers an Eid gift after all!

Great for children age four and older.