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My Quran Stories Gift Box-1 (20 Quran Stories for Little Hearts PB Books)

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Perfect for gift giving! This is a gift box of 20 Quran Stories for Little Hearts story books. Each paperback book is 24 pages of attractive Quranic stories. Ages 4+.

This collection contains:

Life Begins
The First Man
The Two Brothers
The Ark of Nuh
The Builder of the Kabah
Allah's Best Friend
The Brave Boy
The Travels of the Prophet Ibrahim (p)
The Pious Man and his Sons
Brothers of the Prophet Yusuf
The Prophet Yusuf and the King's Dream
The Story of Two Gardens
The Most Patient Man
Allah Speaks to the Prophet Musa (p)
The Prophet King
The Ant's Panic
The Queen and the Bird
Tale of a Fish
The Prophet Hud and the Storm
Gardens of Saba

Timeless children's stories from the Qur'an!