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Glimpses of Life After Death

This book is for those who have come to realize that life is a journey to one certain destination, and wisely seek the knowledge necessary to arrive thoroughly prepared, with provision in hand for what lies beyond. The Final Messenger, Muhammad, peace be upon him, has left us a wealth of instructions on this subject, and in compiling this selection, Dr. Bah has made the essential hadith directly accessible to non-Arabic speakers, especially those who have recently discovered the teachings of Islam.

In this selfless presentation, Dr. Bah has stepped aside and allowed the hadiths to speak for themselves. Readers may find themselves deeply moved, as if actually in the presence of the inspiring men and women whose example we humbly imitate, sharing their grief at the death of their loved ones, may Allah be pleased with them.

Dr. Alpha Mahmoud Bah is an agricultural economist alumnus of Tottori University, Japan. Chairman of the Islamic Guidance Society and Imam of the Shimane Muslims Association, he has published many Islamic papers and written several books, including Scientific Research and Scholarly Writing in Islam, published by iUniversity Press.