As-Sakhrah the Miraculous Rock of Jerusalem

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Mohamad Yasin Qwadally
As ûSakhrah û the rock is regarded as the wonders throughout the world, not only because it is only suspended in the air without anything from the earth touching it, but also this holy place is full of tradition and folklore. The holy stone is said to have come from the paradise and it is the foundation-stone of the world. It is a place of prayer of all the prophets and most sacred spot in the universe next to the Holy Kaئbah. Both Muslim and Jews consider this subterranean rock as the core of the world. Muslim historians hold that on the day of judgment Allah will change the sakhrah into a coral, Enlarging it to extend over heaven and earth. Our holy prophet (s.a.w), accompanied by Jibrail (a.s.) on his Journey ,has prayed along with all the past prophet where the dome of holy rock stands.(QURئAN 17:1)