Al Kafi To Learn Arabic With book & 10Cds الكافي في تعليم اللغة العربية 11 سي دي

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A complete workshop from the very beginning till the acquisition of the language.
Your private teacher is always with you.
# It's attached with a complete and important book that includes: The perfect way to make use of the program.
# Testings to specify the linguistic level for each individual.
# Various tests for different levels.
# A complete system to teach the Arabic language:
# Al Shamel dictionary (Arabic - Arabic)
# Antonyms and Masculine and Feminine dictionaries.
# A complete test at the end of each level.
# A detailed audio explanation for all lessons.
# Start from the level that the booklet specifies for you.
# For each part, there are special exercises with their answers.
# Each lesson is attached with detailed explanations for better understanding.

All what you have to learn and know before you start...

# Test yourself and specify your level.
# Take your time during the test.
# Review the subject well from the CDs.
# Pass the test successfully and move to an advanced level.


Enjoy learning prosody in the newest methods and learn cutting the verses and extracting their meters.


Get introduced to the Arabic rhetoric and learn the way to extract the rhetoric diction, meaning, and art of figures of speech.


Antonyms and Masculine and Feminine dictionaries work together to support you with the antonyms of the words and specifying the masculine from the feminine word.


A well-chosen group of Arabic texts aim to support your language abilities and improve your reading skills.


A detailed explanation for the Arabic language in a simple and effective way through the systematic lessons, examples, and exercises.


The collection includes a group of complete lessons that teach the morphological balance attached with a wide variety of assisting exercises.


Apply the exercises and be sure of understanding the lessons and grammar.

Using Dictionaries:

Learn the perfect way to use the Arabic dictionary through some simple explanations.


Get introduced to all of the spelling rules that will help you understand the rules of Arabic writing and avoid having spelling mistakes.


Practical instructions, systematic advises, and simple examples that aim to simplify the writing methods.

The Dictionary:

The easiness in using Al Shamel dictionary helps you to know the meanings of the Arabic words quickly and accurately.


Special and complete testings after each level including all what was mentioned in the lesson.