1001 Inventions and Awesome Facts from Muslim Civilization

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Hardcover, 96 pages, Ages 8-12
The Foundation for Science Technology and Civilization
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1001 Inventions and Awesome Facts from Muslim Civilisation is the children's official companion to the exhibition, published by National Geographic for ages 8-12. English language.

Packed with 1001 facts along with dazzling photos, this colourfully-illustrated book gives younger readers a vivid introduction to this inspiring era. For a thousand years from the 7th century, men and women in Muslim civilisation made discoveries and breakthroughs that still influence the way we live.

When did scientists first discover how we see?

What is the hidden meaning of the Elephant Clock?

Why do many stars have both Arabic and Greek names?

Which woman funded one of the world’s first universities?

Which explorer took live giraffes to China?

Who drew the oldest surviving detailed map showing America?

Find out all this and more in this fascinating book.

Whether or not you have seen the exhibition, you will enjoy this 96-page book of fascinating facts from an under-appreciated era of history printed in beautiful colour. A double-page ‘Personalities from the Past’ spread also introduces kids to role models from Muslim civilisation. Great to explore with your family – or you can let them discover the wonders of Muslim Civilisation independently.